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Give your building a voice with HIO

Conversational AI making multifamily

properties easier to live in 

HIO concierge: The voice of your property
We give property management superpowers...

We know a lot of your time is spent answering basic questions about your property.  Our large language models handle the boring stuff, freeing up 30% of your time.  Our insights take you behind the scenes of the resident experience and empower you to provide the best possible service to your residents.  

Image by Jeremy McKnight
By texting residents instant, accurate answers to their questions

Working with your property management staff, we build agile models that can answer resident queries and escalate them when necessary.  

Our Features

so you can focus on what really matters.

Smart Home AI
From Our Clients
Building Resident (The Locks)

"The system brings a touch of elegance and personality to the building, setting it apart from my past living experiences."

Man with Curls
Building Resident (The Current)

"I would so much rather text my apartment than download another app"

Confident Woman
Property Management Firm (Real Property Management)

"Hio's proactive insights save me so much time.  I no longer have to pour through reports to try and figure out what's happening."

Frequently asked questions
  • How do we set up a new concierge model?
    You send us your building address, a sample lease, and any other information on amenities, and we do the rest! Within a few days, we set up an initial model and have a short fine-tuning meeting with you to refine the tone and content of your new support text line.
  • How long does it take to set up?
    A few hours, once we have access to the information about your building.
  • How many texts can Hio answer per month?
  • What devices do you integrate with for smart home services?
    We integrate with various IOT devices, including Ecobee, Nest, and all Matter products. Have a question about a specific device? Contact
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