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Give your service a voice with HIO


Conversational AI making multifamily properties easier to live in

HIO Resident Support Agent
Instantly, accurately answer 80% of questions with HIO's MSP Resident Support Agent  

The Managed Service Provider Support Agent offers your customers 24/7 first-level support to answer basic questions, handle initial troubleshooting, and escalate to human staff as needed.  

Empower your AI Agents with custom action flows

HIO's agents are also able to take actions to aid in the servicing of residents and staff through our API Integrations:

  • Router resets

  • Automatic support ticket generation

  • Outage reporting

Schedule a demo to learn more about HIO automations.

Elevate your residential support

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Train your employees to provide service confidentially through our Internal Staff Agent

Working with your team, we build agile models that enable our conversational agents to answer both niche and complex questions from your staff. This means higher quality customer service, faster.  


Build a custom knowledge base by uploading training documents and reference materials to our secure web portal  

HIO Staff Agent
Supercharge your staff
Custom Escalation Paths

When a personal attention is needed most, HIO integrates seamlessly with your company's workflow  

Live Escalation

Automatically route text requiring further attention from our agents directly to your support staff while maintaining the conversation within the same text thread


Optimize staff allocation by summarizing escalated inquiries and shifting conversations to your designated support email

CRM Integration

Integrate with tools like Hubspot and Zendesk to automatically file every agent interaction in your CRM platform


HIO models vary in complexity.  Price per text depends on the level of integration and automation.

Price per response is tiered by volume. Additional fees may apply for API Integrations.

<75k Responses


Per Response

75k - 150k Responses


Per Response

>150k  Responses


Per Response

One-Time Setup Fee:

Starting at $5,000

Monthly Minimum

Starting at $2,000

HIO's Offerings

We offer a variety of products for managed service providers to help you focus on what really matters

Residential Support Agent

We work with your staff to learn the nuances of your services and develop a database of information sourced from troubleshooting documents, employee handbooks, and other reference materials.  We then create a proprietary conversational agent to immediately resolve resident inquiries or escalate when personal attention is needed. 

Internal Staff Support Agent

HIO elevates your staff's ability to support customers through the use of internal agents. These gated models are designed to help answer even highly niche and technical staff questions with robust accuracy. This allows your staff to access documentation on demand and provide the most accurate and up to date answers for residents. 


Our integration architecture allows agents to take actions to further serve your users. From support ticket generation to router resets, we help you find the most efficient and innovative ways to elevate your resident and staff experience. 

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