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Price per response is tiered by volume. Additional fees may apply for API Integrations.

<75k Responses


Per Response

75k - 150k Responses


Per Response

>150k  Responses


Per Response

One-Time Setup Fee:

Starting at $5,000

Monthly Minimum

Starting at $2,000

Our customers love us
Building Owner
Building Owner

“I expect this system to free up 30% of my property manager’s time, increasing the value of my building by nearly $365,000.”

Man with Curls
Building Resident (The Current)

"I would so much rather text my apartment than download another app."

Jen Finn

“In our research and through our client testimonials, we have identified that every property manager has three pain points around resident questions: complexity, redundancy, and rental surges. Our system alleviates each of these challenges.”

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